Monday, July 27, 2009

Posts are so much more fun with pictures

As requested by Mel & Allison, I am posting pictures of my battle wounds. I warn you, I didn't shave my legs for these pictures and you can still see my scars from my dog bite from February. My legs are oh so pretty. And I did go to the doctor today to get an x-ray and I got a clean bill of health. Now do I feel perfect, not so much, but I don't have to worry about a broken hand anymore.

My bruised up knee.

Don't be stupid like me and catch yourself with your hands, the after cuts hurt.

This is the hand that swelled up as big as an egg. Now there is just a small bump where that cut is. I guess my running helped with the swelling as it kept my blood flowing, thank goodness for the additional 11 miles that I ran after this.

My elbow hurts badly, I must have rolled to my left side because I am much more banged up there.

Going to the doctor was actually nice as the doctor and nurse were both commenting on how great of health I am in. The nurse guessed I was a runner when she was taking my pulse. The doctor commented right away that I must exercise a lot. What they don't know is what a different person that could have come in there if I wouldn't have changed my life 2 years ago.


mamasweeds said...

Oh man!! I'm so glad you went to the doc though and you know nothing more serious was done.

And that's so fun to go to the doctor or anywhere and they comment on your low pulse, that makes me smile. It's like your running "report card" almost!

You amaze me with the running after an injury, especially the coyote bite. I've told a couple of my friends that story actually, I think that's just CRAY-ZAY!

aron said...

ouch!!!! glad you are ok but that fall must have hurt :(