Sunday, July 19, 2009

Podcasts and Another Marathon on the Schedule

Today I had 21 miles on the schedule, so I got my butt moving early as I didn't want to be out there during the heat. Last night I downloaded a podcast from Running with the Pack and some new music. All I did was search for running podcasts and that one came up so I downloaded 5 episodes. Talk about making the time fly!

The podcast features Allan and Jeff. Allan is an almost 40 year old middle of the pack runner. Jeff is a 40-something already qualified for Boston runner, yet not super fast yet. The two of them entertained me for over 3 hours today talking about my favorite subject, running! I downloaded random episodes not going in any order. I wanted to make sure they talked about subjects I was interested in. So I listened about the Disney Marathon, Ultramarathon Man (Dean Karnazes), goals, beginner triathlons, and fitting running into your everyday life. I swear I was reading blogs for those 3 hours. I could relate to many aspects of their life from Weight Watchers to vegetarianism, to just trying to be a faster runner. If you haven't listened to a podcast yet, I highly recommend you download one of theirs, you will be surprised at how fast time will go.

In terms of my run, it was pretty easy for the most part. I woke up with a little achiness under my knee, so I was a little worried, but I didn't notice a thing while I was running. Miles 1-18 flew by. 18+ was entering new territory for the season, so I obviously knew it would be tougher. It didn't help that I had to go to the bathroom so I avoided my last gel as I didn't want to upset my body anymore. Well I started hitting the wall with 2 miles to go and my pace dropped above 10 minute mile pace. I will never skip a gel again. I didn't feel dead, I just wasn't moving as fast as I wanted for those last 2 miles. And my body still wasn't happy with me at the end and I was running for the bathroom. Heat isn't fun on long runs. My average pace was still 9:36, so under my long run pace of 9:45, so I was happy with my results. And I know I could have finished another 5 miles, so I didn't overdo myself at all. That brought my week to a total of 68 miles, a huge mileage PR for me. I honestly never thought I could run 68 miles in one week, but I did and I am still standing to talk about it.

Finally, this morning I signed up for the Baystate Marathon which is in Lowell, Massachusetts on October 18th. Yeah, 2 weeks after Twin Cities. My sister chose this as her first marathon as long as I would run with her. She knew I was going to try and qualify for Boston at Twin Cities, so that was out for her first. So I am going to run whatever pace she wants for that marathon. Running Baystate will qualify me for the Marathon Maniacs. I missed it by like a week last year when I ran 3 in like 100 days instead of 90, so I have been trying to find back-to-back marathons that would work for a while. If I don't qualify for Boston at Twin Cities, I am eying a winter marathon, possibly the California International Marathon which has a high qualifying rate, but we will see. One marathon at a time.


mamasweeds said...

You are like the people I read about in magazine and go "how do they do it?" I just love it.

I just LOVE listening to podcasts when I run. Jillian Michaels is my current obsession, but I've also listened to the guys from Car Talk (they are so funny!) and a few random running ones too, but never found anything that was really good. Can't wait to check these out.

Does the whole family travel with you to these races or do you go alone? How great to run your sister's first marathon with her, and how cool about the marathon maniacs!

NoMeatAthlete said...

What a great idea running podcasts are! I've been hating long runs recently, becoming mind-numbingly bored on them, even with music or other books on tape. But I bet listening to something about running WHILE running might just boost the whole experience a few notches.

Congrats on signing up for another marathon so soon after your (hopeful) BQ. Quite a challenge!

Stephanie Nichole said...

Good luck! The maniacs are a fantastic group. I just joined in June and its been fun since. You can learn so much and tons of people to meet up with at races!

Stephanie Nichole said...

Hey actually I may also be pacing the OBX marathon in NC. The head of the team asked if I knew anybody else that wanted to pace. If you're interested let me know.
Their pace times are
Marathon: 3:40; 3:50; 4:00; 4:15; 4:30; 5:00 Half Marathon: 1:45; 2:00; 2:15; 2:30