Sunday, July 5, 2009

MIA Due to Running

I haven't posted in a few days and you wonder where I have been....I have been running, big surprise there. Yesterday I had my annual 4th of July 5 mile run scheduled so I tweaked my schedule so that I could be somewhat ready for the race. Unfortunately, my tweaking didn't do me any good, but I will touch on that in a bit.

For my tweaking I looked at a future week where Pfitz calls for a tune-up race and pretty much did that for the days leading up to the race. Thursday I did my first double ever. 6 recovery miles in the a.m. and 4 recovery miles in the p.m. This was mistake #1. While the two runs were very easy and I felt fine after, trying something new before a race, not a good idea. Mistake #2 was running another 5 miles recovery on Friday. Again, the run felt fine, but I almost always take a day off before races. My last day off was Monday and I was in the middle of a 63 mile week.

We dropped the kids off at my mother-in-law's house on Friday night, so we had a night off, this was not a mistake, other than having our night off be a night before having to wake up early. We woke up about 6a.m. on Saturday and ate breakfast and headed to the race. No rain!!! Last year we ran this race in rain and of course you know how our weather has been, so the no rain seemed like a nice change. Although, this was the first warm weather run I have had in a while, so that wasn't the easiest adjustment as well. I warmed up for 1/2 a mile before the race and realized my legs were tired. I was hoping the heavy legs were due to nerves so just lined up where we usually do and we were off. Mile 1 was about 7:18. This was a little too fast as I was shooting for 7:30, but I knew I would go out too fast. This was actually slower than I expected so I knew this wasn't going to be a easy race. This was a very hilly course and mile 2 reflected that. Mile 2 was 7:42. Not too bad as I was following the same people but the heat already was starting to affect me. Mile 3 the hill began. This hill is known as the "Mother F'er". We are talking straight up hill 200 feet of elevation gain over about a mile. This was reflected in mile 3 & 4. My splits were 8:33 and 8:27. I walked! Yes, I walked up that dumb hill. I don't know what came over me. My legs were shot and my mind told me to walk and I did. I knew the last mile was downhill, but I also knew that in order to PR over last year's race I would need to pull out a fast mile as my average was around 8:00/mile at this point. So I took off. I obviously had a lot left in the tank as I hit the last mile in 7:04. My official time was 39:06, a PR by 13 seconds. *sad face* I placed 91st overall out of 304 people. I was 19/126 for women and 9/26 in my age group. I knew I didn't have a chance of placing today as it was the first nice race of the summer so the good runners turned out today. Normally I am much closer to to the top for women during the school year when all the college kids aren't home. (I am an old woman (29) competing with all the young girls :) )

So yes, I did get a PR, but it was not the PR I was hoping for as it was so much easier last year. Although when reviewing my training log from last year I was averaging more than 20 miles less a week, I can imagine my legs were not happy with me.

Today I turned around and did an 18 miler. I was supposed to do 10 at Marathon Race Pace, but after reading more of the Pfitz book I saw he recommended not doing a hard long run the day after a race, even if it wasn't the greatest race, so I only did 5 at Marathon Pace. Because of that, I ran 9 miles at 9:30 pace or so, then I did 5 at around 8:30, and then who knows about the final 4, I was tired. My average today was 9:09 pace, so overall it was a great pace for an 18 mile run. And it was a BEAUTIFUL day so I finally got to run in the sun and enjoy a glass of Sangria after, while the kids played on the swing set, oh summer, welcome to Massachusetts!

If you haven't checked it out yet, Tall Mom on the Run has a giveaway on her blog right now. It ends tomorrow, so please go check it out. And if you read this too late, still check out her blog, she is an amazing runner and mom!


mamasweeds said...

Congrats on your PR, even if it wasn't exactly what you'd hoped for.

mamasweeds said...

ACK sorry I wasn't done! ;)

I ran my first 5K in quite a while this spring and I felt like I made the mistake of not resting enough before race day as well. I shaved minutes off and while happy to have a new PR, it still wasn't exactly where I wanted to be, I know the feeling.

YAY for a great run yesterday in the sunshine! I had a nice cool, sunny yesterday morning as well.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Thanks for the nod.. YOu are a RUNNING MACHINE. I am working on some new goals then I will be hitting the pavement again..

aron said...

hey a PR is a PR on top of a 63 mile week!! WOW great job!

Caroline said...

Holy moly mileage you're churning out there!!! Way to go on the PR, considering the difficult course. Yay that it wasn't raining for a change, though :)