Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Great Tempo Run Today

I am going to try and be a little more consistent in posting, mainly so I have a record of my training for the future. So if I bore you with statistics, I apologize.

Today I had a 10 mile run scheduled with 5 miles at 15K to Half Marathon pace. I can tell you that I was definitely nervous for this run as I was going to do it on the trail instead of at the gym. I didn't want to cough all over the gym and scare some people. I like doing tempo runs at the gym because it forces me to stay at the correct pace so this was going to be a challenge. I programmed my run into my Garmin last night. I was going to do 4 miles warm up, 5 miles at 7:54-8:00/mile, and 1 mile cool down.

This morning I woke up and my legs felt GREAT! I emphasize great, because they were sore yesterday from Sunday's hilly run, so I was quite happy that I was going to start this run on a good note. Not to mention Tuesday's runs are usually my hardest of the week for some reason. I can say though, this is the first week that I felt recovered for today's run. I guess slowing down on Sunday did help me a bit.

Miles 1-4 I averaged about 9:03 pace. I was trying to slow down, but since this was a General Aerobic warm up, I went with it. I hit miles 4-9 right at 8:00 pace. My legs felt fine. The only problem I was experiencing was my water belt. I have an amphipod water belt and normally it does great. Today I was only wearing it with 2 bottle since it was a shorter run, plus the elastic is stretching a bit, so it moved way too much. I would say I messed with it for 3 of the 5 tempo miles, not fun. The last mile I actually finished in just under 9 minutes for a time of just over 1:25 for 10 miles.

I was very happy with this run as I felt strong the entire time and feel great after. Do you ever feel like your body gets used to running insane amounts of miles and it is a normal day even though you are running miles that you couldn't imagine a few years ago. Crazy!

Now I am just meal planning for the week. Being a stay-at-home mom is a great job, but the meal planning and grocery shopping is not one of my favorite parts. Now don't get me wrong, I love grocery shopping at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, but this is my big trip of the week, so it isn't fun and isn't at my favorite stores. It is especially not fun because my mom left town for the week, so the kids are coming with me to the store. Last week Gabbie walked around the store backwards the entire time, and someone said to me, "I bet you love taking them to the store." As if I needed to be reminded that my 2 year old was running into people, carts, and shelves.

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Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Yippee for more posting. GOOD WORK ON your run, you are a MACHINE!!

The store UGH!!! Walking backwards, too cute. Thankfully my hubs does most of the shopping since he is the CEO of the household (aka stay at home Dad)