Saturday, July 25, 2009

Great Day

This is a short post as it is time to spend some time with my long-lost hubby....

The yard sale went great today. I made about $140 which is great since we had the prices marked SUPER low! This is the most I have made at a yard sale, so I was quite happy....And I already spent my hard earned money. I got a new Flip UltraHD Video Recorder.

We have always had a camcorder since Bridget was born but it is a pain to pull it out and I feel bad for missing out on all the cool fun things the kids do, so now I have easy access to recording their life. I would also like to carry it on my marathon in October that I am running with my sister and maybe some of my other runs. So I am sure I will have video to post here eventually....Especially after our anniversary road trip that is in 2 weeks!!!

Oh, and I took an unscheduled rest day today. Yesterday's tempo run went fine, 11 with 6 at 15k to half marathon pace. I hit my pace and finished the whole thing in 1:35. I didn't NEED to take today off, but I was up late last night getting ready for the sale, and thought I would shock my body by giving it a day off.


mamasweeds said...

Fun new camera! I love "trading in" old stuff and getting new stuff. Especially new stuff that is smaller and takes up less space!

My girls love watching old videos of themselves - even if it's just little clips of video since I use the video feature on my camera.

Taking it with you on the marathon is a fun idea too! I'd be afraid to turn it on much past mile 13 afraid that the commentary might turn in to something inappropriate for the ears of the very young or the very old.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

YIPPEE for Yard Sales. Trade stuff you don't need for something AWESOME!! I look forward to move videos from you :)