Saturday, July 18, 2009

Getting out of bed in the morning

Whenever I am marathon training, except during taper time, I hate getting out of bed in the morning. Right now I am in the middle of a pretty high mileage week and my body is feeling it. I lay in bed in the morning and think, "Do I really need to go to the bathroom that badly?" I swear my body aches like crazy and those first few steps are comparable to a post-20 mile run. I am super stiff and and my feet are tender. It doesn't help that my bathroom is in the loft of my bedroom, so I have about 15 steps to break my muscles in.

It only takes one walk up the stairs and the blood gets moving and I can walk again, but then it happens again on my run. Today I had 7 miles General Aerobic with strides on the schedule. This was my first non-recovery Saturday since I started this training program. My muscles were really looking forward to a slow recovery run, but I obviously needed to go faster. The first 2 miles of every run are usually pretty slow while my muscles warm up, but once I was moving, the run was fairly easy. I averaged a 9:10 pace, slower than my normal GA, but that was as fast as the body would go. My strides were a little painful though. Every time I do fast strides, I get a pain in my upper thigh. It is a weird pain so I am hesitant to go too fast as I don't want to injure myself. But I got the 10 strides in and got off my feet immediately as I have 21 miles on the schedule for tomorrow. I have only done one other 21 mile run other than my marathons, so I obviously am a little anxious. As long as I get out the door fairly early, I shouldn't hit too much heat and the 21 miles shouldn't be too bad.

Bridget was asking if she can enter a race again so she can win a ribbon. I guess I better start looking for a local race that has a kid's run going along with it. I have a couple tune-up races on the schedule in August, but I can't seem to find any around here the match up very well, I guess I better start looking harder.

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mamasweeds said...

Good luck tomorrow! I totally thought of you today on my LR, you are my LR idol!

I can imagine getting out bed is tough with all the miles you are doing right now. You truly are an inspiration though! :) Can't wait to hear about your run tomorrow.