Thursday, July 23, 2009

Busy Week

So as I said before, my hubby is out of town until tomorrow night, so this has been a girls only week. We went on a play date, went to the gym a few times, visited grandma, and hung out. Mommy is exhausted, girls, not so much. Last night, Gabbie slept terribly. It's worse than a newborn. When she was a baby and would cry out in the middle of the night, she would cry for a few minutes and go back to sleep. When she wakes up now, I have to get in there as quickly as possible or she will continue to wake herself up therefore making it harder to get her back to sleep. So 3 times last night I was rushing to her room to soothe her back to sleep. Then when I would get back to my room, my cat, Miles, would decide it was time to play. I am guessing Eric must play for hours at night with Miles, because this entire week he goes crazy at night and attacks my ankles where ever I walk. (And yes, he is named after running...My cat of 9 years died last summer while we were training for Twin Cities Marathon, and we got Miles, a perfect addition to our family....I wanted to name him Lance, but Eric isn't as big of a fan as I am.)

He is much bigger now, but here is my little guy:

And here he is right after we got him, back when he was a sweet little thing that didn't attack me:

I was planning on taking a recent picture of him for this post, but am exhausted so will settle for these.

On the training front, I am tired. My 14 mile medium-long run was a killer yesterday. I am still not used to doubles, so I think running 12 hours after the last run didn't help much. I finished that run in just under 9:30 pace, so not bad, but I was dragging at the end. Today I had 5 miles recovery which I did at the gym. I did it at 5.9 on the treadmill. It was nice and slow, every time I tried bumping it to 6.0 the muscles around my knee tightened up so I eased off. Tomorrow I have 11 with 6 at tempo pace. Oooooh, how I hate tempo runs. I love them and hate them at the same time. I hate them because they are so hard, but I love them because I am proud of myself for maintaining that pace for so long.

Eric comes home tomorrow night, so I only have solo-parent duties for one more day. We are having a yard sale on Saturday, (Thanks Tall Mom on the Run for reminding me that I can get some easy spending money by cleaning up) so I have A LOT to do tomorrow. It is going to be a top secret sale as the kids would kill me if they saw all the toys and clothes I plan on selling of theirs, who needs all these things?! Talk to you soon.


mamasweeds said...

Sweet kitty! Miles is such a great name, I read once that most runners name their dogs Miles, but it works for cats too of course!

I hope you slept better last night. Good luck at the garage sale, I know about having to have a top secret sale. When I give away old clothes and toys to charity or friends, I have to sneak them out of the house to keep the meltdowns to a minimum.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

BEST of luck with the SALE.. I sure hope you make some dough and spend it on WHATEVER you want :)

UGH...I hope you get some sleep and some rest when hubs returns..

Caroline said...

I love the name Miles too, and he's so adorable!!!

I do miss those Pfitz "med-long" runs, and his emphasis on speed. So, I can live that vicariously through you, heh heh!

Hope you're feeling great after tomorrow's tempo run, and then get some well-deserved r&r.