Monday, July 27, 2009


Yesterday was a day I should have just stayed in bed. It was one of those days that nothing wanted to go right.

Eric and I were both scheduled to run 20 miles so we figured we would have his mom watch the girls so we could run together. The plan was to be at her house by 8am so we could get on the road very soon after. Well, we didn't get out of the house until 8:30 and she lives 45 minutes away. That was not a good thing as it was supposed to be a hot day.

We dropped the kids off and were going to try the Charles River Bike Trail which starts west of the city and goes all the way into Boston. We looked it up on the internet and went to where we thought was the trail head in Newton, MA, but we couldn't find it. This burned an additional hour as Eric didn't want to give up looking for it.

We finally get to Watertown, MA where we see a lot of parking on the street, so we park and get ready to go. About .25 miles down the road, I thought, I am not sure if I locked the door, so we go back. It was locked, but we decided to re-park the car in a near-by parking lot that we saw and start again. We get 1/8 mile and Eric realizes he left his water bottle in the car, back we go again. Between those false starts, we have about .75 miles.

FINALLY, we are off. The trail was beautiful. There were boats out on the river and runners were everywhere. It was almost like a race because we had so much company out there. I stayed with Eric for about 7 miles, it was a slower 9:45 pace than I was used to, but I wanted to run with him. About 7 miles he was slowing down more, so I started running a 9:30 pace and really started getting into my stride and felt great. It was very hot, probably already in the 80s and we each finished our extra water bottles within the first 6 miles.

At mile 9, I tripped and went down very hard. It happened so fast and I popped up quickly as I was embarrassed and assessed the damage. I had bruises and scraped up knees, elbows, and hands. My left hand had a bump on it as big as an egg. I thought for sure I broke it as I had never seen it look so terrible. I stopped to wait for Eric and told him I think I broke my hand. At that moment I wasn't in pain, but I wasn't sure if it was from adrenaline.

We decided to keep going and we would look again when we stopped. That is when I noticed I lost one of my water bottles. We ran back and there in the railroad tracks below the bridge I tripped on was my 10oz water bottle. I had 18oz of water and 18oz of gatorade and there was my 10oz of water sitting way down on the ground unreachable and the temperature was rising.

I decided to finish the run with Eric. I figured, it was hot and the day was not going as planned so we might as well stick together. Well shortly after, Eric started overheating. We had already seen multiple men slowing down to walking while out there, probably because they weigh more. We didn't want to risk anything worse so we walked whenever he heated up. Our liquids quickly depleted so we were in survival mode getting back to the car. Luckily, Boston, where we turned around, was not our halfway point, we were going to run past our car, so we weren't as far from our car as we could have been. I ended up finishing the last 2 miles to my car and leaving him walking, because I needed cold water and my knees were hurting from my fall.

We got to the car at mile 13.65 and decided to call it a day. We weren't sure if my hand was broken and I wanted to clean up my wounds, so we headed back to Eric's mom's house. At her house, we figured the hand was probably not broken, but maybe a bruised tendon as it was only in pain on the top of the hand. We were just about to hop in the shower when I told Eric that I didn't feel like I had a good enough workout today and wanted to finish my run. He smiled and we both went downstairs to tell my mother-in-law that we were going back out. She looked at us like we were crazy but knew were were going.

Now keep in mind we are now about 1:30 yesterday afternoon in the peak of our 90 degree day. It was HOT. We ran one of his old cross country routes around the neighborhood. We didn't bring water, stupid, I know, we just aren't used to needing water on short runs. On every hill we began heating up quickly, my insides felt like they were on fire. We did walk a few times and decided at 5 miles that we were done and weren't going to add on that extra mile to make 20 miles.

So that is how I made my 19.4 miles yesterday. The 5 extra miles were so close to the 14+ miles that we weren't really stiff so it worked out fairly well, there was about an hour between, maybe less. I hate not finishing a workout, but I feel like we pulled out a really good workout even if it wasn't the one we had planned. I am a morning runner, so this was run that was bound to fail, but I am happy we were able to spend the day together, pushing ourselves to our limit. This run really taught me to be flexible and walk or stop instead of pushing too hard.

Now today I just feel bruised up and annoyed I lost my water bottle. I have to order another Amphipod water bottle before we go to Florida, or I will be in a world of hurt. This is the second time replacing these bottles as I lost a lid at the Twin Cities Marathon. So I guess I could just find a lid if I have to. Eric thinks it is funny that I was more upset about that than my hurting myself, but my pain threshold has gotten pretty high recently, so I don't feel too badly. I am just happy I left my new camera home, my luck, that would have been flying over the bridge, and I would have climbed down for that.


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Good and bad running days. My friend this was a bad one. FYI I want to see pics of your bumps and bruises. After the week you had I was hoping you would have a nice run. Bummer about the water bottle too.. UGH

mamasweeds said...

Holy cow what a day! I didn't realize your husband was a marathon runner too. I was also thinking we need to see pics of your battle wounds too! Lord knows I would have surely taken pics and posted them haha! Way to get back out there and finish it up, you are dedicated to the sport. :)