Sunday, June 21, 2009

Recovery Sock Review

The cool people at Recovery Sock sent me a pair of socks to try out and review on my blog.

I was really excited for a few reasons. First of all, I always have sore calf muscles. I have been wanting to try out a pair of recovery socks to see if that would help my poor legs. Second, my family has a history of blood clots in the legs, so anything that will aid in blood circulation is a good thing and medical compression socks do not sound fun to me. First I will give you information about the socks and below that will be my review.

The Recovery Sock is a patented compression sock that not only speeds recovery from workouts but enhances workout and race performance as well.

Technical Features
A few of the functional components The Recovery Sock offers include:
Graduated Compression Technology (GCT)
Unlike other compression socks, the Recovery Sock utilizes a Patented GCT ( Patent # 6,092,397). GCT means tighter compression in the foot and ankle area and a gradual decrease in compression as it travels up the leg over the calves. GCT causes an upward flow of blood helping to get unoxygenated blood out of the leg, replacing it with fresh oxygenated blood. This not only speeds recovery after workouts, hence Recovery Sock, but also enhances workout and race performance. Athletes in long distance competitions, especially marathons, have found them particularly beneficial.
Sock Composition
The Recovery Sock is made from Silver DryStat, a polypropylene fiber which has moisture wicking and antimicrobial (silver ions) properties. It keeps skin dry in all climates, is extremely lightweight, and is stain resistant thanks to its anti-microbial treatments.
Sock duration
The life of the sock will depend on it's care and use. We suggest that they be 'line dried' in order to not cook the fibers, allowing them to last longer. Our wear testers tell us that they have found only minor wear on the bottoms of the socks - with no compromise to elasticity after a hundred use cycles.
Cold Weather
The Recovery Sock can also be worn during races and workouts. Thanks to GCT the upward blood flow is constantly functioning and blood circulation enhanced in the lower extremities. They can be worn in cold weather conditions beneath tights or in combination with compression shorts.

My Review
I LOVE these socks! Last week, my legs were suffering between the added high mileage and still being in my post-marathon recovery. The day I received my socks I was aching terribly bad, especially in my feet and calves. I put the socks on and literally within five minutes I was feeling relief in my legs. There is extra compression around the arches and ankles and of course all the way up the calves. I have high arches which I wear custom orthotics for, so the added arch support was a bonus that I wasn't aware would happen. So I wore the socks for the rest of the day and through the night. I am one who wakes up with lactic acid buildup in my calves (nearly every day) and the next morning, I had none. I almost felt like my legs had added energy. I ran 16 miles on Sunday with 8 miles at Marathon Race Pace. This is obviously a tough workout. After my run, I put the socks on and wore them under my jeans for the rest of the day and then through the night again. No pain again in the morning, at least in my calves. (I need compression sleeves for my quads.) I of course questioned the socks, thinking maybe these results were in my head, so I didn't wear the socks to bed on Wednesday night. I woke up with a cramp in my calf that took about 2 miles into my recovery run to get rid of. I am now at the end of 6 days in a row of running and 58 miles and my legs are still feeling good.

My only complaint about them is the the look, but I am not complaining, I just got comments from family when I wore them around all week saying I looked silly, but looks to me is not a problem, as long as my legs feel good. I will be ordering the pink pair soon so that I can feel a little more girlie when I am wearing them around the house.

I highly, highly recommend these socks if you are looking for a pair of socks to help aid in your recovery. I do plan on trying them out during a long run once it cools off in the fall.

Please visit the Recovery Sock website if you are interested in more information or ordering. I even am even impressed with the price, as I was willing to pay more than they were asking when I was searching for a pair for myself.


mamasweeds said...

Wow Robin, these sounds really great! I like that you experimented and didn't wear them one night to see how you would feel, and that you definitely felt the difference.

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