Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Potty Training & National Running Day

I would rather run another marathon today, with sore legs and all, than potty train my 2 year old. She is doing great, so that isn't the problem. It is the constant worry that she is going to pee all over my new carpet. She only had one accident yesterday, and I wasn't even home at the time, so I call that a success.

Today is National Running Day and I would love to say I get to run at least 10+ miles, but I am still in recovery. My schedule calls for 11 miles today, which I know I can handle, but don't want to think about how sore I would be tomorrow. My knees seem to be the most affected from the marathon. I really need to get on the ground with the foam roller and roll out the muscles, but have you done that yet? It is so painful! Yes, I feel pretty good after, but seriously, rolling on the muscle twice is all that I can handle at this point. So 5 recovery miles it will be for me today.

Happy National Running Day everyone!


mamasweeds said...

YAY for potty training success! I had no idea today was National Running Day. Cool!

Caroline said...

Oh, yes, I can remember how delightful potty training was!! Racing through supermarkets for the nearest washrooms and all that!

Know what you mean about the roller, but gotta love it, right.

Happy National Running Day - hmmm, guess it shouldn't have been my day off then, haha.