Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Never Ending Rain

I have ran 5 marathons. I have done 3 marathons in the rain. My first experience was the Twin Cities Marathon in 2008. The temperature was in the 40s and it poured for the first 16 miles of the race. I hit the wall in the race, but had nothing to do with the weather. I did fine. Honolulu Marathon 2008 was again in flooding rains for the first 13 miles. We are talking rain that the elite athletes had to run around because it was so deep. I survived again. The second half was harder as the temperature was in the 80s and sun came out strong. The only sun we saw on my entire vacation to Hawaii. Again, I endured, rain will not set me back. Finally, the Vermont City Marathon 2009. It rained for a good majority of the race. It wasn't flooding rain, it was more annoying than anything, as the forecast was supposed to be perfect marathon weather. I PR'd in that marathon, I loved it!

So now we come to June in Massachusetts. I swear it hasn't stopped raining. I am not totally complaining, as we are having cool weather unlike the rest of the country where summer has begun in a hot way. It has been in the 50s and rain, rain, rain. Today I set out to do my 14 mile medium-long run. I again laced up my old shoes, that are killing my ankles, as I didn't want to ruin my new shoes. I hit the trail and the heavens opened up. I was soaked within the first mile. The miles went by pretty quickly, even though my shoes were sloshing and my clothes weighed a ton. I finished in 2:09 which was a decent 9:17/mile pace. My battle scars are much worse. My arms and legs are so chafed and I did use Body Glide. The rain was TERRIBLE! I am not going to pray for sunshine, because I know I will complain about my hot runs, but come on, can we have a lighter rain?


aron said...

its crazy how different the weather is on this side of the country!! yesterday it was 99 when i got off work :-/ i think i would take the rain too :)

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

hehehe...a girl of my own heart, as a Seattleite I reserve the right to complain about the rain and the heat. LOL

Hang in there!!

mamasweeds said...

You are a machine! Just think how fast you'll fly through a marathon when you finally get one that is rain free!

Chaffing SUCKS, even body glide can't protect against rain soaked clothes.

aron said...

hi! that is essentially what i did. actually i took the first few weeks of the 18/55 since thats what i have been doing... then changed the last 12 weeks to mimic more of the 12/70 plan. i decreased the miles so it maxes at 65 and the rest of the big weeks are in the low 60's/high 50's. its running 6 days a week instead of 5. i knocked down the 15 mid weeks to 12/13 and took out the doubles. so we will see. i will be flexible with it too like you said, and since i am doing my longer runs and recovery runs slower this time i think my body can handle the extra day. wow long comment sorry :)

email me if you have any other questions with what i did! runnersrambles at gmail dot com :)

Caroline said...

That's a lot of rainy races!! Like mamasweeds said, I can just imagine how you'll PR at a rain free marathon!