Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Complainers at the Gym

Today I had a 9 mile run scheduled with 5 miles at tempo in between. While I love tempo runs, I like to do them at the gym so that I can be sure to hit my pace for the entire run. I tend to go to the gym a lot during the winter, my husband is worried about cars hitting me when there is no shoulder and the trails are not clear, so needless to say, all the people at the gym know me as the girl who runs a lot.

Anyways, I went to do my run today and hopped on the only available treadmill that I knew wasn't broken which was in between two other people. Yes, there were other treadmills available, but for the purpose of my run, they were broken, old outdated treadmills. So I get on my treadmill and take off. My tempo pace today was at 7.6 and I threw in inclines up to 6%, so I was working hard. Now even on normal runs, I cough. I have exercise induced asthma so my lungs are sensitive and I cough every once in a while. Well on tempo runs I cough more than normal. But we aren't talking hacking up mucus coughing. We are talking a single cough every few minutes, sounding more like clearing your throat, very short. There was a guy next to me who walked on the treadmill the entire time and didn't say a word to me. But he did say something to the front desk. Apparently he was worried I was going to get him sick since I coughed through my entire run!!! I explained to the lady that I have asthma and cough through all runs, which most gym goers know as they see me every day, apparently this guy has missed out.

So being confronted about my coughing really upset me as I am sensitive about my asthma as I obviously have no control over it, and trust me, I don't want to cough during my runs, it gets really annoying. So I started wheezing after she left as I was upset and anxiety also gives me problems. AHHH! Luckily I only had one cool down mile left to go at this point.

I clean up my machine as a very respectful gym goer does and head outside and that guy was leaving at the same time. Now normally, I would keep my mouth shut, but I also hate being criticized, so I confronted him. He of course denied it was him that reported me, but I obviously knew it was him as the secretary told me it was him. Instead he tried back pedaling and complimenting me. I asked him nicely to please next time to inform me if you have a problem and I could have explained myself or at least one of us could have moved. I mean, come on....If you were really worried about me getting you sick, why did you stay next to me for the entire hour.

So there is my vent for the day. No gym is perfect obviously, mine is one of the dirtier ones in the area, so me coughing should have been the least of his worries!


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Soooo PROUD of you for saying something. What a stinkin IDIOT!!! Good work on your tempo and pushing it...in a dirty gym on a treadmill no less. You are TOUGH girlie!!

aron said...

so annoying... seriously!! good job for saying something to him!

mamasweeds said...

Sounds like that dude needs to step his intensity up a notch if he's got enough time and energy to notice all the minor details of what's going on around him.

And what chicken to deny it! The least he could have done was own up to what he said.