Monday, June 29, 2009

62 Mile Week, A New PR

Yesterday, I completed my 18 miler and a 62 mile week. I can now say that my legs are getting stronger as I wasn't even dead at the end of my run, nor did I feel it the rest of the day. I ran 18 miles in 2:48 minutes, 3 minutes faster than I was planning. I developed a nasty blister on one of my toes though, and honestly can't understand how I ran through it. It is huge!

I also tried out a new pair of shorts. I bought 2 pairs of Under Armour compression shorts. I am not one to wear compression shorts at all. I am super self conscious about my legs, but the chafing these past few weeks has been terrible because of the heat and rain. I am usually a running skirt girl, but I have to say, the shorts felt great! They didn't move at all, so I was able to concentrate on my new blister. I am not sure if I am totally a convert to compression shorts, because I HATE how I look in them, but for long training runs in the heat and/or rain, I am forced to wear what works.

I am impressed with the way my legs have recovered from Vermont City Marathon and to the added mileage. During the marathon I mentally was preparing for how I would BQ in the fall and I knew based on reports of message board posts that more mileage was how I would get there. Just because I knew that was the way to go, doesn't mean I was ready for the big jump. Thankfully, I have a very supportive family who doesn't mind when I take 2+ hour runs during the week and 3 hour runs on the weekend.

On a family note, my mom's exchange student went home to Switzerland this morning. My mom lives in a duplex condo with us so we got really close to her. I seriously could not stop crying this morning. My girls fell in love with her and she really was a breath of fresh air, though she did remind me how old I really am. We will miss you Sara!


aron said...

congrats!!!! 62 miles is an AWESOME week :) great job on the 18 too!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

BUSY BUSY determined Mamma!! Keep up the great work. I just took a second read of your Race Report. You TOTALLY rocked it and continue to PR. FYI I am VERY SURE that you look great in compressions shorts. I swear my them and have never had any issues with chaffing.

mamasweeds said...

You are simply inspiring! I love knowing that with the added mileage you are feeling stronger and didn't even feel the 18 miles the rest of the day. I hope your blister isn't bothering you too much.

What an amazing opportunity for your whole family to have an exchange student.