Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Morning Peace & Quiet

So I can't sleep in. It is an impossible thing for me to sleep past 7, so on the rare occasion, like today, that my girls sleep in.....I am wide awake. This sometimes can be a good thing. Today I came down to make my oatmeal and enjoy some "me" time on the computer in my clean house. (I forced the family to help me clean yesterday!) "Me" time usually only consists of me pounding my feet on the ground running around and around the neighborhood. Well, this being recovery week, I only get to run 6 miles today. I am used to getting 2+ hours of alone time on Sundays to run, so less than an hour is not enough.

Today is my 4 year old, Bridget's, first ballet recital. I looked at the instructions they gave us last night and there are 50 (FIFTY!) classes performing today at noon. So, tell me how you expect my 2 year old to sit through a 3+ hour recital during lunchtime and naptime? I don't want to leave her home as she loves ballet class and has been with me to most of them. I have warned all of my relatives that are going, this is going to be a LONG day. I will definitely post pictures later. So much for enjoying this beautiful weather outside today.


mamasweeds said...

I hear ya on not being able to sleep late anymore.

I had a long-ish run planned for this morning, but Maxine woke up early with me so now my run has been bumped to this afternoon. And it will surely be shorter now too.

Good luck at the recital today. I'm going to be in the same toddler dilemma in 2 weeks. Anyone who I might ask to stay with Maxine wants to come to the recital!

robinbb said...

She actually did better than I expected. She enjoyed the first 90 minutes or so, but was done after that. Three hours is way too long for a 2 year old to sit still. But now, big sister gave her one of her costumes so she is so happy to be wearing her own costume.