Sunday, May 10, 2009

New 5k PR and Tapering

So I started tapering this past week after a 21 miler last Sunday. I ran the 21 miles at an average of 9:45 pace so I am pretty happy with how my training went. 2 weeks today I will be making my second attempt at a sub-4 marathon. I am very confident in my goal, but still nervous.

Yesterday I ran a 5k to see where my training has taken me. I dropped 45 seconds off my 5k from February and placed 3rd in my age group, 6th female, and 34th overall. The 5k was downhill, flat, and UPHILL. It was terrible and shins are dying because of it today.

I have been reading horror stories about people gaining weight during taper so I have been REALLY aware of what is going in my mouth during this taper. So far I am down 3 pounds and feeling like I have extra energy. I cut down on my Diet Soda and am not eating anything that isn't natural. I am also reading a lot to keep my mind occupied. The current books are Advanced Marathoning and Skinny Bitch. Yeah, Skinny Bitch is scaring me and is helping my clean taper eating.

16 miles today and my Mother's Day lunch. Happy Mother's Day to all the running mommies!

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Caroline said...

omg, Congrats on the 3rd place finish - that is AMAZING!!!

Think I see a BQ in your near future!