Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wear Testing--Never Again!

So I am ending my wear-testing experiment. I was testing a pair of New Balance shoes and was very excited to get a lot of miles out of them. Well after about 50 miles, I am ready to give up on them. I have blisters all of over my feet and my ankle feels like my last year's case of tendonitis. Yes, this experience was not so much fun for me. Back to my trusty Mizuno Nirvana's, but I am worried it may be a little late, as my ankle is killing me. This may warrant an extra few rest days, and I don't take extra rest days. I have a hard time resting on my scheduled days.

Otherwise training for Vermont is going well. I am doing the Princess 1/2 Marathon next month in Orlando so we will see if my training can get me a new PR. Please ankle pain, go away, I need to run.

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Caroline said...

That's a drag. Hope your ankle is better real soon.

It's nice to have a trusty, reliable pair of running shoes, though. It took me a while to find the right ones for me.