Monday, February 23, 2009

Bit during my long run

So yesterday I set out about 7am for my 17 mile run. I took a slightly new route, but the beginning was along a road that I have run along many times. I was approaching a farmstand/house and heard barking in the driveway.....Not thinking anything of it I continued to run past as normal and suddenly I saw 2 dogs sprint out of the driveway. A man yelled from the driveway "get back here" so I assumed they were his dogs and remembered to keep looking forward and keep running as my experience has seen that dogs usually run as far as their property and leave you alone. Well 2 dogs were in the road with me....One was a lighter color and one was reddish/brown and scarier looking, not so much domestic, but I was in a hurry to get out of there as I am afraid of dogs. They quickly caught up to me and the reddish brown one quickly chomped down on my left thigh. I screamed and the dogs went running away. I of course kept running because I was scared out of my mind. Knowing where the dogs had come from, I figured I could return to the house and see if the dogs had their vaccinations if need be. At this point I knew I had a hole in my running tights and some pain in my thigh, but I didn't think it broke skin. I called my husband upset, mostly because I was only 3 miles into my run that took a lot of mental preparation to go on as I have been suffering with a bruised tendon, so I was hesitant to even run. I wanted to complete my run and he told me, I am sure you will be fine, just finish. So I ran the remaining 14 miles and got home and pulled off my running tights. The animal broke skin, pretty badly. I think adrenaline got me through the run because my leg definintely was in pain. So we called animal control and they went to the home where the dogs came from. They had light colored dogs, but not a reddish/brown dog. So we were looking at a dog that didn't belong in that yard and a man who knew nothing of the situation...He didn't even know what had happened other than his dogs barking. The animal control officer basically said to get a rabies shot as he didn't think we would find out about the dog that bit me. So after doing research of what dogs looked like, I came to the conclusion that I wasn't chased by a dog, but a coyote. It looked similar to a German Shepard but was not as tall as a normal one, and had a very long snout. And it just so happens that there have been multiple coyote sightings in that exact area and an attack last month on a dog. See this article:

Cody and the coyote

That attack was across the woods from the road I was on. So now I have had 5 shots to start my rabies vaccination and have to go back 4 more times for shots to protect myself. What a day I had, my family is scared for me to go out running and I am excited to get back out there and run 18 next weekend, as I know this is a rare occurrence. I guess this is just a warning to be aware on your runs. I had no time to pull out anything like mace or anything as he bit me so quickly. I have always known in my mind what I will do if a dog attacks me, but never thought about it just chomping down. Coyotes will most likely leave you alone if you run at it yelling, which I didn't know, instead I ran away. He didn't leave until I finally yelled in pain.

Here is a picture of the bite, because who doesn't love a post with pictures.

Just after my run:

Day 2 of the bite (Much more bruising from where the jaw bit down on my leg):


Caroline said...

Holy, psycho dogs!! That must've been pretty scary - makes me want to pick up some of that dog mace stuff from the running store. Can't believe you managed to run 14 miles after that.

mamasweeds said...

This is a CRAZY story, I'm glad it wasn't any worse than it already was. Can't believe you still ran 14 miles AFTER you were bitten. Amazing! I always worry about dogs too, I find that yelling usually sends them packing. Glad to know that strategy is recommended for Coyotes too!