Monday, January 26, 2009

Vermont City Marathon

So I booked my next marathon today. I am headed to Burlington, VT for the Vermont City Marathon on May 24th. I am really excited. I wanted to do this marathon last year, but my Plantar Fasciitis convinced me otherwise. I am a little worried about the hills, but I am hoping I can incorporate some hills into my training. I am going to attempt Pfitz 18/55 program. I followed his in-between marathon program for Honolulu and had great results, so we will see how this goes. My goal is sub-4 hours.

Today was day 1 of my training, though I am starting in week 2 due to my recovery from Disney. Cross-training at the gym, oh how I dislike thee. I have no patience on elliptical machines, I get too bored. But tomorrow is 8 miles. Yes, I finally get to up my weekly mileage again. I gained some holiday/marathon weight, so I have been working my butt off to get those pounds off, so I am excited to up my mileage, and then I can eat more.

Oh and I have a 5K this weekend. I haven't done a 5K since last year, so I am hoping to set a PR. We will see, it is quite cold, and I hate running in the cold.

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