Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Little Genius

So for Christmas, Santa brought Bridget the Leapfrog Smart Globe. This was a last minute gift that I found on Amazon while we were in Hawaii....I was missing using my Amazon Prime, so thought this was the perfect thing to fulfill my addiction.

When we bought the globe, we were anticipating her getting more use out of it when she gets older, but I figured, at such a great price, I want it now. Now 1 month later and my little genius knows 50+ countries. And I am not exaggerating. She knows where places such as Nigeria and Cuba and Ukraine are. She knows where countries are that I didn't even knew existed until we brought this globe home. It has a game built in that lists a country and you have to click on it. Eric and I are addicted to playing it and are every day topping our high score. But, my little 3 year old could probably beat almost everyone in my family at this point. I guess kids soak in things a lot more than adults. So here I am, a proud stay-at-home mom who was worried when my stubborn child refused to count in order. I thought we were going to have problems when she went to school, but instead we have the future Geography Bee champion in our home.

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