Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Future Runners

So I don't think my little Munchkins are going to be star runners like I was hoping. Since I never ran when I was younger, I was hoping my kids would live a dream I can never have of being a good runner. While they both love running and doing races, I learned at Disney that they aren't going to be my star athletes when they are older.

Bridget, my almost 4 year old, prances instead of runs. She is very tall like her dad, yet during her race she was seen prancing across the track, not going forward. The Princess Half Marathon that I am doing in March would be her dream race.

Gabbie, my 2 year old, is a bowl full of energy. But she wastes her energy in her arms and stamping her feet. Now she will either end up with shin splints or hitting the wall as she gets too excited and will probably go out way faster than need be. I guess she could run 5K's instead of marathons and that hard running will not be wasted. Here is a picture of my cute little winners!

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Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point said...

hey there!! thanks for checking out my blog.

by the way, your kids are adorable. and you have excellent PR's!