Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Winter running is my enemy

So I have yet to figure out a solution to my winter running problem. I get SOOOO cold when running outside in the winter. Last year, the month leading up to the Disney Marathon, I took my running inside to the treadmill and did my 18 and 20 miler on the treadmill. This was not a good thing as my feet got used to the treadmill and the pounding on my feet was not fun at the marathon. Not to mention, who wants to spend a Saturday morning at the gym for 4 hours as you run 11 minute miles for 20 miles. So this year, I am vowing to run outside as much as humanly possible. I will be more prepared for Disney this year than anyone at that starting line.

So today I went shopping and bought some wool socks. Normally I wear Balega socks which are really great, but my feet were cold yesterday on my 35 degree run. So I am hoping tomorrow will be a better run. I also bought some hand warmers for my mittens. I tried out my new winter running skirt from Skirtsports and love how the tights look and the extra layer of skirt keeps my butt a little bit warmer. $85 later at the Twin Cities Expo and I have a nice running jacket. So now all I am missing is something to keep my nose warm. I asked my husband how many honks do you think I will get if I am out wearing this. I hate people sitting in their warm car who think they are funny honking at runners to mock us. You stop me for directions, and I help you even though I am busy, please don't make fun of my face mask that will allow me to run outside for 3 hours while you go through another drive through restaurant. Any other advice for things to keep me warm is greatly apprectiated. I am telling you, I am desperate, I am a very cold person.

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Kristina said...

I'm usually cold in the winter, too, but I've figured out some tricks so that I'm actually warm on most runs.
1. Sugoi Subzero tights are the warmest I can find.
2. On top: Long sleeve base layer, zip neck fleece layer, and a jacket (I have one from Athleta that is light but thermal)
3. Run your first mile kind of fast so you warm up quickly, then slow down once you've warmed up
4. A hat that covers my ears--that one in the link would definitely do the trick!

Stay warm!