Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A new skirt, hard workout, and surprising weigh in

So I feel like days are either good or bad. If one good thing happens in the morning, I get excited for the day to come because I know more good will happen. The opposite is also true, if something bad happens, I may as well go back to bed. (I forgot my new mittens on the morning of my marathon, I should have taken that as a hint that bad things were sure to come.)

So I woke up this morning with an email from Christie from Runningskirts.com. I was the facebook fan of the week and won a new running skirt. Now I have a small addiction and that is running skirts, so to win a new one, just made my day. And they even posted a nice comment on their fan page about my skirt from the marathon. What a way to wake up.

So then next on the agenda was my 8 mile General Aerobic run with 10x100 meter strides at the end. Yup, today was day one of Pfitz for me and day one of speedwork. I was able to run at a decent pace and the strides went great. I can't believe the confidence I have gotten as a result of the marathon. By running as far as I did at my marathon pace, I now feel it is easier to go faster in my every day runs. I guess something good came of my big wall hitting.

Finally, I went to Weight Watchers for my monthly weigh in. Ever since I made Lifetime in December, I have been hating this once a month weigh in. I love going to meetings, because they really keep me on track, but the weigh ins stress me out. Especially the first weigh in of the cold weather season, because you automatically gain when putting on more clothes. So I only gained 1.2 pounds since last month. I am so happy, because I gained more weight then that during my taper, so I am back down to my previous weight and back on track.

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Caroline said...

Bet that 1.2 is all marathon muscle :)