Friday, October 24, 2008

My Motivation

While reading another blog today, sole2soul wrote about her motivation for joining Weight Watchers and running. I will tell you about my beginning.....

I had my first baby in March 2005. My weight at birth was absolutely outrageous and embarrassing. I lost some baby weight right away, but 8 months later, I went on vacation and I was at the same weight when I had my baby. It was this picture that convinced me that I needed to do something...

So yeah, I looked awful. I joined Weight Watchers 3 days later. I took 45 pounds off and found out I was pregnant, again. I was so excited, but yet scared as I was moving in the correct direction.

So after my second kid, I didn't gain all my weight back, so I knew I could lose my weight finally. So instead of setting my goal at just losing weight, I set my goal at running a marathon. Yes, me, run a marathon. Up to this point, the only exercise I had done since college was aerobics classes, but I was going to run a marathon. So I started running and rejoined Weight Watchers. Nine months later, I made Lifetime after losing a total of 90 pounds and ran the Disney Marathon. It wasn't pretty, but I finished, and I am am hooked on marathons. Now since my weight is off, I am working on being a good runner. I am sure this will take much longer. Here is a picture at the end of my 15K at Disney (I love Disney races) to show how far I have come.


Caroline said...

Hey, wow, 90 lbs and the Disney Marathon!!! What an amazing story!

You look great in your before WW pic, and absolutely incredible in the running photo.

I hope to be where you are in the near future, and figure it'll take a lot of determination.

It's very, very cool to see that it is possible!!

Caroline said...


Kelly said...

Wow what a great inspiring story. I have a some weight to loose and I decided after reading one of my husbands nephews facebook, that I wanted to run a marathon too. His goal is to run a marathon in July of this year.

Before I start to run I want to take some of the weight off. A number of years when I started to try to get a running program going for myself I had a stress fracture in my ankle due to the weight---so this time I'm going to try to do it smarter.

At this point I've started to walk for 1 hour (treadmill due to the weather here) every day on advice from a friend as well as I take Silat (martial art) on Tues and Thurs (1 hour) and Zumba (aerobic class) on Mon and Wed (1 hour) and I take off Sunday for resting. I started WW also.

Do you have any more advice for me?

You look great keep up the great job!!!