Friday, October 17, 2008

I Love Shopping for Girls Clothes

So I went to the Natick Collection today as Victoria's Secret is having a great sale, so I got a little cross-training (shopping) in. I would never usually shop at Hanna Anderson, but splurged today and got the girls dresses and leg warmers. Oh how I wish I could look so cute in leg warmers. For 40 dollars I got Bridget a dress and leg warmers for both girls. (Gabbie is getting a dress for her birthday.) So I get home and Bridget is trying to take off her third outfit of the day, because she doesn't like her dress anymore and wants to wear the new one. It is so fun explaining to a 3-1/2 year old that mommy won't let her wear cute dresses when we aren't leaving the house. She can wear it to the gym tomorrow when we do our tempo run, so at least someone can enjoy her cuteness.

And the legs are feeling great this week. I did yesterday's easy 3 miler in 23:37. That is fast for me as I was getting lazy on my last training cycle. I have decided to do the Pfitz 12/55 plan for Disney. I think the added speedwork and my determination to run harder will hopefully help me to finish this next marathon strong. I am also thinking of upping one of the 20 milers to 22 miles. Eric doesn't want to do that, but my mind plays tricks with me and I think if I can get to 22 miles before I mentally break down then hopefully I can hobble to the finish line slightly faster.

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