Friday, October 31, 2008

A Happy Halloween

I love Halloween. I love costumes. I love candy. I love everything about this holiday. And today, was no exception...

Bridget and Gabbie were Daisy and Donald Duck and were as cute as can be. I will have a picture posted later. This was Gabbie's first Halloween that she semi-understood what was going on, and she had a blast. We had to tear her costume off of her and force her to go to bed. We now have way too much candy in the house which isn't cool as I am starting Core tomorrow, but that is ok, I have more motivation to get and keep my butt in gear....

Thanks to our crappy economy, flights have decreased in price including Honolulu. And what happens to be the day after my birthday, but the Honolulu Marathon and guess who gets to do that Marathon now. Yes, that is right, I am going to Hawaii in 6 weeks and am having my rematch at 26.2. I am so excited, but now I am busy trying to find a hotel and a new training program to get me ready. I can hardly sit still I am so overly excited!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

I am hungry all the time

So last week, I started my new training program, which of course added more activity. I am working really hard on doing x-training this cycle so I have been swimming, which in turn has made me so hungry. Last night I made Weight Watcher's Garden Vegetable Zero point soup, so now I have my freezer full of a veggie filled dish. Combine that with all the extra fresh veggies I now have in my refrigerator and I am going to turn into a new form of produce.

Speaking of produce, I bought Gabbie a cute little market for her birthday with lots of veggies to play with. I figure, what better way to teach my kids to like veggies than to have toys for them to play with. It is a wonder I love vegetables as I never ate them growing up. I can't believe my baby is almost 2, I can't wait until her birthday!

Friday, October 24, 2008

My Motivation

While reading another blog today, sole2soul wrote about her motivation for joining Weight Watchers and running. I will tell you about my beginning.....

I had my first baby in March 2005. My weight at birth was absolutely outrageous and embarrassing. I lost some baby weight right away, but 8 months later, I went on vacation and I was at the same weight when I had my baby. It was this picture that convinced me that I needed to do something...

So yeah, I looked awful. I joined Weight Watchers 3 days later. I took 45 pounds off and found out I was pregnant, again. I was so excited, but yet scared as I was moving in the correct direction.

So after my second kid, I didn't gain all my weight back, so I knew I could lose my weight finally. So instead of setting my goal at just losing weight, I set my goal at running a marathon. Yes, me, run a marathon. Up to this point, the only exercise I had done since college was aerobics classes, but I was going to run a marathon. So I started running and rejoined Weight Watchers. Nine months later, I made Lifetime after losing a total of 90 pounds and ran the Disney Marathon. It wasn't pretty, but I finished, and I am am hooked on marathons. Now since my weight is off, I am working on being a good runner. I am sure this will take much longer. Here is a picture at the end of my 15K at Disney (I love Disney races) to show how far I have come.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Winter running is my enemy

So I have yet to figure out a solution to my winter running problem. I get SOOOO cold when running outside in the winter. Last year, the month leading up to the Disney Marathon, I took my running inside to the treadmill and did my 18 and 20 miler on the treadmill. This was not a good thing as my feet got used to the treadmill and the pounding on my feet was not fun at the marathon. Not to mention, who wants to spend a Saturday morning at the gym for 4 hours as you run 11 minute miles for 20 miles. So this year, I am vowing to run outside as much as humanly possible. I will be more prepared for Disney this year than anyone at that starting line.

So today I went shopping and bought some wool socks. Normally I wear Balega socks which are really great, but my feet were cold yesterday on my 35 degree run. So I am hoping tomorrow will be a better run. I also bought some hand warmers for my mittens. I tried out my new winter running skirt from Skirtsports and love how the tights look and the extra layer of skirt keeps my butt a little bit warmer. $85 later at the Twin Cities Expo and I have a nice running jacket. So now all I am missing is something to keep my nose warm. I asked my husband how many honks do you think I will get if I am out wearing this. I hate people sitting in their warm car who think they are funny honking at runners to mock us. You stop me for directions, and I help you even though I am busy, please don't make fun of my face mask that will allow me to run outside for 3 hours while you go through another drive through restaurant. Any other advice for things to keep me warm is greatly apprectiated. I am telling you, I am desperate, I am a very cold person.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A new skirt, hard workout, and surprising weigh in

So I feel like days are either good or bad. If one good thing happens in the morning, I get excited for the day to come because I know more good will happen. The opposite is also true, if something bad happens, I may as well go back to bed. (I forgot my new mittens on the morning of my marathon, I should have taken that as a hint that bad things were sure to come.)

So I woke up this morning with an email from Christie from I was the facebook fan of the week and won a new running skirt. Now I have a small addiction and that is running skirts, so to win a new one, just made my day. And they even posted a nice comment on their fan page about my skirt from the marathon. What a way to wake up.

So then next on the agenda was my 8 mile General Aerobic run with 10x100 meter strides at the end. Yup, today was day one of Pfitz for me and day one of speedwork. I was able to run at a decent pace and the strides went great. I can't believe the confidence I have gotten as a result of the marathon. By running as far as I did at my marathon pace, I now feel it is easier to go faster in my every day runs. I guess something good came of my big wall hitting.

Finally, I went to Weight Watchers for my monthly weigh in. Ever since I made Lifetime in December, I have been hating this once a month weigh in. I love going to meetings, because they really keep me on track, but the weigh ins stress me out. Especially the first weigh in of the cold weather season, because you automatically gain when putting on more clothes. So I only gained 1.2 pounds since last month. I am so happy, because I gained more weight then that during my taper, so I am back down to my previous weight and back on track.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Swimming, my new x-training

So this training cycle, I am really focusing on hitting every part of my training program and that includes x-training. I usually cut it out and take an extra rest day, so I am hoping by adding it back in, I may be able to do slightly better. So today, I headed to the gym and swam for 40 minutes. Oh my goodness, I am exhausted. I was on the swim team in high school, so I know the pain I will feel tomorrow, but I am reminded of the new muscles I am using.

On the kid note, Bridget was hilarious today. So every Sunday, after my long runs, we go out to eat to Moe's, for some yummy Mexican. I was able to lose all my weight while going to this restaurant, so it is one of the few that I am willing to go to. Anyways, the names on the menu are quite unique. So today, she was ordering a meal through the tv stand from Gabbie and she ordered a HomeWrecker and a juice. It is funny to hear a 3 year old ask for a HomeWrecker, what a dork.

Friday, October 17, 2008

I Love Shopping for Girls Clothes

So I went to the Natick Collection today as Victoria's Secret is having a great sale, so I got a little cross-training (shopping) in. I would never usually shop at Hanna Anderson, but splurged today and got the girls dresses and leg warmers. Oh how I wish I could look so cute in leg warmers. For 40 dollars I got Bridget a dress and leg warmers for both girls. (Gabbie is getting a dress for her birthday.) So I get home and Bridget is trying to take off her third outfit of the day, because she doesn't like her dress anymore and wants to wear the new one. It is so fun explaining to a 3-1/2 year old that mommy won't let her wear cute dresses when we aren't leaving the house. She can wear it to the gym tomorrow when we do our tempo run, so at least someone can enjoy her cuteness.

And the legs are feeling great this week. I did yesterday's easy 3 miler in 23:37. That is fast for me as I was getting lazy on my last training cycle. I have decided to do the Pfitz 12/55 plan for Disney. I think the added speedwork and my determination to run harder will hopefully help me to finish this next marathon strong. I am also thinking of upping one of the 20 milers to 22 miles. Eric doesn't want to do that, but my mind plays tricks with me and I think if I can get to 22 miles before I mentally break down then hopefully I can hobble to the finish line slightly faster.

Friday, October 10, 2008

I am a Red Sox Widow with Restless Legs

I hate recovering. I ran 3 miles yesterday and today and am itching to do more, though my good friend, Hal Higdon, says I should be adding in the miles slowly. It drives me crazy that I missed my goal by a lot, so I know if I just get back out there, I can mentally get over this roadblock of beating myself up. I am already looking forward to the long runs and speed work I am planning for this next training cycle. Am I crazy? Crazy, probably, but running is way too addicting, and I have a problem with sitting still.

Oh and why do the Red Sox have to play tonight? Come on, give me my husband back.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Sad Sad Day

So here is my Race Report. Yeah, this thing took a long time to post, as I wasn't even sure if I would post this. I am not very happy with my results, but it is reality and I will learn. The main thing I learned, I hate rain and cold weather and wear more clothing, even if it means throwing away your favorite shirt if you get too warm....

So the marathon was VERY wet and VERY VERY cold. I was on pace for a great marathon up until about mile 15. When I crossed the Mississippi River bridge (very long, pouring rain and 40 mph winds), I suddenly got really cold and my calves started cramping up. I literally ran/walked the next 5 miles in a ton of pain as the longer I progressed, the shorter the time I could go before my calves cramped. It was so bad that I would run to the curb and hope I made it there before my legs would give out below me. So miles 1-15, I was on target for a 3:50 marathon. Miles 15-20, I slowed it down and still was on target to finish in under 4:15. At mile 20, they literally had a wall like on Run Fat Boy the movie and as I ran through it I made the decision that if I was going to finish this race I was going to have to walk, or they would have to take me off the course. I was literally hiding from the Medical tents because I had so many people ask me if I was ok. After I decided to walk instead of run, since I knew I could somewhat manage, my pace slowed down significantly, but I swallowed my pride and tried to have fun with the people. I took beer (warmed me up somewhat) and talked to other runners. Those last 6 miles were the hardest miles of my life as I walked them. I wanted so badly to run, but every time I did, my legs gave out and it took longer to start walking again. After I crossed mile 26 I started running again and I had to stop about 50 feet from the finish line. People were yelling, "you're almost there" and I thought, "you think I would stop right now if I could actually move?" So I crossed the finish line in 4:52. AHHH, an hour behind my goal but a 20 minute PR. I was crying at that point as I was so mad at myself. I could barely move as I went to find my husband, still crying. Then I sat on the ground shivering like crazy as I was wet and my heart rate had dropped so much because of all the walking at the end, I was FREEZING out there, they need to give out those mylar blankets on the course for people that have to walk. So it took me over an hour to warm up and my calves hurt for 4 days, but today I am doing much better. I ran a 3 mile recovery today. I am still beating myself up over my bad day, but am so happy I have Disney already booked, so I can hopefully have a better showing.

Thanks for reading...It was a humbling experience and makes me more than ready to start a new training program. I am so upset that I put all those miles in and didn't get to prove myself, so hopefully in January I will have a better race to report.