Friday, September 19, 2008

I Hate Taper Time

So I am in my 3 week taper time for the Twin Cities Marathon. Last week was 50 miles and this week is only 34. I can't believe I can now say 34 miles is an "only". While this week is a cutback for the taper, so far I have only cut back by 2 miles, so my past 7 days still is at 48 miles. My knees hurt, my back hurts, and I am starving. I know this is all in my head because I was perfectly fine before. I swear when I taper my head goes crazy thinking I am going to be injured and that I need to eat, constantly. Oh well, October 5th will be here soon enough, and I can see if my training actually worked or if I will crash again at mile 18. I am hoping for the former, obviously.

On the mommy side of things, Eric told me today that he caught Gabbie swinging my Disney Marathon poster that is framed on the wall. He said she was pushing it back and forth on the wall yelling "Mickey Mouse". I don't know how the darn thing did not fall, and where in the world does this girl come from? She is a walking disaster. Luckily she gave her warning cackle, so he was able to get to her in time.

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