Sunday, September 21, 2008

Husband/Wife Team

So today was our last 10+ mile run before our marathon in 2 weeks so Eric and I headed to the rail trail in Groton where we have done most of our long runs for an easy 12 miler. We have been out there every weekend practically of the summer, so we really got to know a lot of people that are out there. The past few weeks have brought out more runners which makes our runs more fun as we like to "reel" people in as described during the Olympic Marathons by the "wonderful" commentators. So today, we saw a few other husband/wife teams and we reeled them in and passed them. Now Eric is supposed to be taking it easy because of his ankle, but every time we came upon someone he went faster. I told Eric he is a lucky man, because every team is only as fast as their slowest runner and that would be him right now, where as you most of the men were the faster runners. So we killed it today and named ourselves the husband/wife team of the day. Our runs go by so much faster with all the friendly competition.


Kristina said...

thanks for the tip on the Groton trail. Is it flat? Should I do my 18 miler there this w/e? I'm probably running it alone, so I want something flat, with lots of people if possible.
And totally go see Mike (maybe he'll give you a deal on 2 massages)--a massage from him is like hitting the reset button.

robinbb said...

Yes the trail is pretty flat. You can start in Ayer, Groton, Peperell, and it goes up to Nashua. It is a very easy run with lots of company.