Sunday, September 28, 2008

1 Week to Go

So we are in our last week until the big day. We leave on Wednesday for Minnesota and I am so very excited. The girls are excited to see and play with their cousins and I am excited to get out of Massachusetts for a bit and run a great race.

Today was our last "long" run before the marathon. Eric and I did 8 miles on the rail trail and it was pretty easy. Our Garmin's were a little off at one point so I picked up the pace because I thought we were going to slow. So I had quite a lead on Eric and his long legs sprinted right past me at the end. I guess I wasn't blessed with such an advantage as being that tall.

After our run we tried going to lunch before Eric had to go to the airport. So we head to our favorite restaurant all the way in Worcester, Moe's. We go there every weekend, the kids even look forward to it. Well there was a Walk for Cancer going on circling the block where the restaurant was. We were so sad that we had to skip our Sunday lunch as he would have been late if we sat in traffic any longer. As it was, the girls and I spent 3 hours in the car today. 8 mile run and sitting in a car doesn't make tight legs feel very good. But oh well, 1 week to go and the forecast is still looking good for Marathon Sunday!

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